Unable to resist the opportunity to capture or kill the Emperor of the UE, the UUR are led into a trap. 

The eventEdit

After the attempted murder of the Emperor in 3691, The UE have plotted to get a chance to strike back at the UUR.  A double, was set to take a trip through several front worlds to attempt to raise morale for the Empire's war against the UUR.  A set of the "Emperor's" plans to tour several systems were discovered by UR spies in January of 3727.  Using the itinerary of the Emperor's journey, a mid sized force under the command of an up and coming Admiral Adams, took care of the UE fleet sent to await the Emperor over the  empty system of Zek to await the Emperor's arrival.  As the ships accompanying  and the Emperor's ships entered the system, the UR fleet immediately opened fire destroying and the ships guarding the Emperor's vessel.  From there, the fleet disabled the Emperor's flagship and began to board in an attempt to capture the Emperor.  Once again, a number of Sheredyn guarded the Emperor, as the fight reached the bridge the Sheredyn gave the signal to commence the trap.

A large UE fleet under the command of the Admiral Djenk moved to capture and disable the Admiral's ship. The UUR admiral, with a significantly larger UE fleet at his back, tried to face the UE fleet as ship after ship were either disabled or destroyed.  The UE had made sure that communications had been cut, from there the remaining ships were disabled. Staring death in the face, the UUR admiral ordered a fight to the death, corridor, after corridor, ship to ship were filled with the blood of UUR servicemen as the UE's spec ops made their way through.  Wounding, Admiral Adams to keep him from committing suicide, he was taken captive.   

From there a Adams, was brought before the Horatio, whom were promised a good sum of gold if they allowed the UE to clone him.  Quick set of repairs were made to the Admiral's ship, "Unity" and a clone of Admiral Adams was prepared for an assault of a Sophon system.  With a dozen of captured UUR ships, including the Admiral's assaulted a lightly defended system.  The resulting blockade, and the subsequent images of a UUR Admiral firing indiscriminately at civilian centers would leave huge ramifications for the UUR.

Months of negotiating went on, but by June of 3727, the UUR agreed to pay huge reparations for killing billions over the course of several months as well as causing great infrastructure damage, they were to as well bring the infamous Admiral Adams to justice .  However several factions weren't happy and continued to attack UUR systems, or ships both civilian and military.