The Byron Offensive was a large-scale military conflict that occurred in the opening stages of the Thousand-Year War.

Taking place in 3710, twenty years after the Secession, the offensive was to cut of Madrigal from the rest of the Republic, denying them their shipyards.

Preparation Edit

At first, an all-out frontal assault on Madrigal was the plan. However, Madrigal was the primary shipyard of the Republic, and were filled with powerful cruisers and frigates, which would cause them to ultimately lose more than they could possibly gain. Instead, the Empire decided on accessing a newly discovered star lane to access Byron, a different system, and cut Madrigal off from its necessary supplies and starve them out.

The fleet, headed by Admiral Warrick, comprised of:

30 Cruisers

10 Frigates

1 Battleship, Warrick's own Decimator

for a total of 41 ships.

Attack Edit

On November 19th, 3710, the fleet accessed the star lane and traveled to Byron. The trip took four days.

Upon arriving, the Empire fleet began its attack immediately, destroying two frigates and heavily damaging an orbiting space station before the defenders had a chance to return fire. However, Warrick underestimated the Republic fleet and took no defensive maneuvers against the Republic counterattack, expecting them to be destroyed before any heavy damage could be sustained. This resulted in the loss of eight more cruisers and two frigates before the Republic defenders began to retreat.

Thinking his enemy defeated, Warrick commanded his fleet to chase down the fleeing Republic fleet, taking his own fleet right passed the homeworld, their intended target.

Unfortunately for the Empire, this chase led them right into a trap. A second enemy fleet, headed by Republic Admiral Adrian Smith, arrived from the opposite side of the planet, smashing into their flank. Caught between two fleets and quickly losing the battle, Warrick was forced to retreat to the star lane. The Republic did not follow.

End Result Edit

The Empire fleet had grossly underestimated the Republic's military might, losing twenty-eight of its cruisers and nine frigates to the Republic's twenty-six cruisers and twelve frigates. Most of the Republic's lost ships had ejected escape pods, where they could be rescued after the fight. The Empire, however, had to retreat before most of its escape pods could be retrieved.

In addition, the Empire did not know that the Republic had moved its shipyards to the Apophos system after the defense of the Amoeba homeworld in 3677. The Empire had wasted its efforts and resources for nothing.