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The Horatio are a race of incredibly wealthy humanoids who seek beauty in all things, whether it be warfare, science or even politics.

Horatio was an incredibly self-absorbed Imperial trillionaire who left the Empire to colonize his own star system. On his journeys, he found a planet sprinkled with cloning labs. He used the labs to clone himself millions of times, effectively creating a race populated entirely by himself.

He then set out his plan to conquer the stars, and make them each as beautiful as he was.

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Participation in the Thousand-year War Edit

The Horatio as a race have not sided with any one faction in the war, choosing instead to keep a foot in each camp by splitting into sects that joined up with the Republic and Empire. Their hope is that once the war is over, they can go about spreading their culture among the winning faction in order to bring beauty to the galaxy.

Sub Factions Edit

Octavian's Dynasty

Despite the fact that they are a constitutional monarchy, they decided to side with the democratic Republic during the war. Though the Rebels disapprove of their leadership style and try to add leaders of the dynasty to their Senate, they remain an independent faction among the Republic.

This leads some to view them with scrutiny, as nobody knows when they might pack up and join the Empire.

Followers of the Endless

A cult, billions strong, worshiping the Endless. Accepting of any species, so long as they do not try and impart their views on members of the cult. They believe they are the chosen of the Endless, made to resurrect their once-mighty empire.

They are a neutral faction in the war, albeit a large one. Their efforts are focused on discovering artifacts and technology lost by the Endless, and will attack anyone who dares take it away from them.

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