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Thousand-years warEdit

United EmpireEdit

Send colony ships into the voids, and 200? years later they come back with reinforcements? Or maybe a new empire to fight in the war?

One of his (Maximillians) descendants takes part of his land and goes to war against him, may or may not join Zukrov (for the time being?)+

+Maximilian's descendant advocating for the rights of the people, claiming a fully socialistic government if he is successful. Somewhat popular, a meeting takes place between this Zelevas and Zukrov that is amicable enough, but the two eventually become rivals and enemies

United Universal RepublicEdit

Terraforming Ship

Full scale war vs UE?

Work with a craver force they support and help them gain power in exchange to be left alone?



UE attack and destroy several new Horatio colonies, and they join the UUR in the war against the tyrannic UE


Lots of experimentions = new weapons, more weapons, unique abilities?


Return of the Hissho

Hissho super weapon


Pilgrim return with the Homeship, a moon sized Endless creation that functions as the Pilgrim's mobile homeworld





Descovery of warp travel, galatic frountline become shatterd for years aftwards as defence systems become meaningless untill the entire border can become fortified.




Anarchic citizens of UE start causing trouble and weaking the UE from within?



Supreme Commander Zukrov, head of the standard UE military and coup conspirator


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