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The United Universal Republic

The United Empire of Humanity


Sophon Technocracy


Followers of Zend

The Enlightened


Ship Classes Edit

Transport- Lightly to undefended ships used for the mass transport of colonization equipment and personnel, as well as the carrying of large populations.

Scout-- Small ships with little to no onboard weaponry, about the size of a seaborne battleship

Frigates/Corvettes/Destroyers-- Light defence ships used as support and in the defence of systems with little strategic value, or as patrols against pirates and smugglers. Scout sized but better armed. Or used as additional firepower and meat shields in fleet action.

Cruiser-- Average sized ships usually comprising the bulk of the fleet. Can be equipped for various fleet tasks, but are strictly designed for space combat.

Battleship--Massive ships equalling 5-6 kilometers in length. True strength of most higher end battle fleets, providing heavy arms fire in a variety of roles.

Dreadnaught-- Ships as large or larger than battleships usually employing high capacity shields and hulls with standard weaponry over the dreadnought's firepower. Often used as flagships for their durability.

Titan--The largest manufactured spacefaring craft. Sizes can reach several kilometers in length. Only ever used as the capital ship for an admiral or emperor.

Important ShipsEdit

The MAC Railgun

The Carter

Flagship Titanus

Agamemnon - Emperors personal Cruiser

Chattering Ape - Amoeba Flagship of fleet The Gandhi Initiative

Genghis Khan - Empire Flagship of fleet Xeno Hammer

Important PeopleEdit


Maximilian Zelevas

Devan Carter


Brian Lapen

Adrian Smith


The Green Merchants

Aggressive Industries Corporation

Free Trader Cooperative Sherydan Bodyguards

Black Star

Twin Star Shipyards



Zend System