The UUR has always been a socialist, democratic society, where its citizens are free to express their views. However, not everybody expresses their views in the same way.

In the year 3830, a group of Empire Supporters carried out brutal terrorist attacks on UE-controlled Aurellia II, a well-known planet known for its Xenotourism industry. Suicide bombers, arsonists, and vehicle hijacks were abound during the early months of the year.

Nobody is quite sure where they came from; the Aurellia system is quite far from Empire space. One theory is that they were agents sent from the Empire to sow fear and panic amongst the citizens of the UUR. Another is that they were refugees from an invasion that didn't like how the UUR ran its empire.

Regardless of the reasons, the attacks culminated on February 14, in what would be known as the Bloody Valentine massacre. During a millitary parade, a large group of terrorists opened fire on the forces present with pistols and homemade explosives. Dozens of people were killed and had many civillians fearing a UE attack on the system.

However, no attack came. Though the attacks came brutal and without warning, they appeared to be an independant faction within the ranks of the UUR.