The Empire's PlanEdit

After acquiring modest cloning technology after taking it from a defeated Horatio ship, the Empire devised a plan to create an inferior clone of the Emperor himself and use it as a trap to get the UUR to attack what looked like an undefended Emperor.

To carry out the plan, the Empire announced that Emperor Maximilian himself would do a tour of several Empire systems to accumulate support. Halfway through the tour the clone of the Emperor would be installed and an information leak would let the Republic know that the Emperor was taking a detour through more undefended space to avoid touring more troublesome planets.

The TrapEdit

Using the itinerary of the Emperor's journey, a mid sized force under the command of an up-and-coming Admiral Adams destroyed the small UE fleet sent to await the Emperor over a barren system. As the Emperor's ships entered the system, the UUR fleet immediately opend fire, destroying the Sherydan guardships that had been used for the ruse. From their, the fleet disabled the Emperor's Flagship Titanus, and bean to board in an attempt to capture the Emperor. A number of Sherydan guarded the clone, and as the fight reached the bridge they gave the signal to commence the trap.

A large UE fleet under the command of Admiral Djenk moved to capture and disable Adam's ship. Admiral Adam tried to fend off the assault, with the Flagship still operational and a new UE fleet at his back, tried to fend off his attackers as ship after ship was destroyed or disabled. The UE cut communications, and Adam had no time to retreat with his remaining forces. Staring death in the face, Admiral Adam ordered a fight to the death, as corridor after corridor, ship after ship was filled with the blood of Republic servicemen. Wounding Admiral Adams to keep him from suicide, UE spec ops forces took him captive.


From there, Adam was taken to an Empire holding cell, where the same technology used to clone the Emperor was used to clone him. A hasty set of repairs was made to the disabled UUR ships, and the clone of Admiral Adams was brainwashed with a set of unremarkable  and disposable Empire citizens to invade Sophon space. Thinking the fleet friendly, the Sophons were surprised when the Clone Admiral's fleet began destroying a Sophon planet.

The subsequent attack vaporised all trace of the Clone Admiral, but Sophon relations between them and the Republic were strained even further. Inter-species diplomacy as of the end of this event are incredibly difficult.

The rogue Admiral was declared a traitor to the Republic, and the real Admiral Adams was tortured to death deep underground in a cell far from his home, on an Empire prison planet.

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