The cult of Zend was founded upon  Zend I by a scientist gone prophet named Anamorro, and who claimed that Zend was a God, who died sacrifing himself to ascend to Godhood in order to stop the United Empires mad devices.

The MACEdit

When the MAC crashed upon the newly renamed Zend I, the geographical result was catastrophic. And through crew humour, Zend's ship landed beside it, unaccessble. The radiation and crater left behind required 10 years of reconstruction and quarantine around the "Ruins". After the planet was rebuilt, and the ruins considered safe to examine, the United Universal Republic began scientific explorations deep into the MAC's remains. With the body of Zend already being examined, the only other remnants of Zends presence was the dust he manipulated himself. And scientists were ever eager to get their hands on the wreckage, with probes and search parties being deployed almost constantly.


Among the scientific crews, one was headed by a taskmaster by the name of Anamorro. After an equipment failure left him stranded in the MAC's hulk for three days, he was thought to have suffered tremendous psychological trauma and released from duty. However, Anamorro was never the same after his ordeal, and soon returned to the site leading a group of like minded zealots proclaiming that end was their glorious and holy Saviour, the first prophet to proclaim the New Age of Humanity. While the Republic officals were unimpressed, the flock of believers from other systems began to produce a good deal of revenue, so they allowed the Cult to continue, providing they did no harm to Republic citizens.

The Followers of ZendEdit

While everyone seemed happy enough within the system, problems soon arose. The rather radical defending of the MAC ruins had led the Republic's tentative Sophon allies to abandon research there, a severe blow to interspecies relations. Soon enough the Council had authorized a conduct inquiry, to the shocking discovery that almost the entire colony had been converted to the belief, now calling themself the Followers of Zend.


The Republic decided that it couldn't stand for such a religious conversion to occur in other systems, as its scramble for allies included good terms with The Pilgrims, and so outlawed the religion immediately. The sect went underground but continues to operate in the shadows, spreading through Republic and Empire space. The conversion is far from universal however, as many still hold the Endless as the pinnacle of scientific study and rational thought, or even as gods themselves. To most of the known universe, this belief in Zend is seen as sacriligeous in the extreme. The Emperor himself has pronounced that anyone caught worshipping the heathen was to be reported, the punishment being execution.


Worship involves genetic and psychological experimentation on themselves to try and recreate Zend's abilities in a new race of superhumans.