The spreading of The Plague was a devastating event that took place between 3880 and 3890.

The Virus Edit

Engineered by Empire scientists, The Plague was designed to spread at a rapid rate among numerous species and cause a painful and messy death. It was viewed as the most horrendous thing ever done by the Empire, even worse than the Siege of Madrigal.

The Spread Edit

The first known case of The Plague was discovered on September 5th, 3880, in the Pinnacle system. At first thought to be no more than a new strain of the common cold, medical officials did little more than remind the populace to wash their hands often and get their shots.

However, as the weeks progressed, the number of infected spread rapidly and the symptoms gradually got worse and worse. By April 3881, it was estimated that over two million people were infected. Trade lanes between the planets in the Pinnacle system shut down, severely hampering local economy. Medical supplies could not be effectively transmitted between planets, and any potential cures were quickly adapted to and rendered useless by the virus' advanced evolution.

By the end of 3882, over thirty million people across the system were dead, with millions more slowly dying from the disease.

The Solution Edit

In 3883, a Sophon scientist, Dr. Ulthan Almirinas, realized that the key to defeating the virus required two things: one, a way to attack its evolutionary ability, and two, a cure for the virus' current stage.

For the next year and a half, he spent countless hours in his laboratory, trying to find a way to destroy The Plague's ability to adapt to modern cures. He studied patterns in the shifting DNA of the disease, but he had no luck until one day in 3884.

Doctor Almirinas discovered the virus' ability to adapt relied on a single strand of DNA; the only one that stayed constant throughout the entirety of its lifecycle. Quickly capitalizing on this discovery, the Sophon immediately sent word through the Pinnacle Medical Group to get every available scientist, Sophon, Human or Amoeba, to immediately start work on destroying the strand.

On October 30th, 3885, a final cure was released to the public. Within weeks, Plague-related deaths ground to a halt, and soon it was little more than a memory.

Result Edit

Over two hundred million civilians died in the Pinnacle system. Though the system would eventually recover, it would take time.