Imperial Navy

Supreme Commander Zukrov

The Militarization campaign lead by the now Supreme Ruler Zukrov was meant to increase the strength of the United Empire military due to the increasing threat of the United Universal Republic. It was also meant to bring a sense of duty for the Empire, as well as secretly create an army to conquer the Hissho if Zukrov takes the risk. 

The PlanEdit

Supreme Ruler Zukrov, known as the only man brave enough to bring change and victory to the Empire, was already favored with his people. Knowning that without focusing on military, the United Empire will quickly be overwhelmed by the Coalition of the UUR, he was determined that it would hurt the human race more than beenfit. 

The first thing he did was increase propaganda through the Empire, encourging the use of PMC by corporation, as well as military recruitment. He also created two social sides, civilians and citizens, citizens gaining more benefits but requiring at least 2 years of military duty (undetermined amount due to time increasing around you whilst travelling in space). He hoped that it would give more encouragement to serve the military than already given. 

His second plan was to fully colonize all remaining space accessible to the UE space to it's top and right directons (as shown on Map). He promised to provide financial support in setting up cities through governers. He hoped this would provide enough space for increased population as well as more supplies to increase ship production. 

The ResponseEdit

The people, infuriated to learn that the UUR were actually a full on separatist campaign, and at how many people they had "killed" (exaggerated by Zukrov) were more than willing to fight them. This was strengthened when many of the outer systems began rebelling themselves, believing that the UE would be too busy with the UUR to affect them. This lead to several planetary civil "wars" that lasted for only a couple of months before being crushed by UE reinforcements. 


A couple million people die from rebellions across the empire. UE continued to colonize outwards, as well as near the Hissho border. The UE military increased by x2.3 to a suprising 121 billion combined force.