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The official wiki for the Thousand Year War community project, based on the video game Endless 


Space by Amplitude Studios.

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The Thousand-Year War is a massive fiction project created and run by the members of the Endless Space community forums.

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The Sophon Technocracy page

The Amoeba Commenwealth page

Amoeba plot to start UE-Hissho war

UE-Horatio encounter in 3515

Amoeba smugglers

UE pre-emtive invasion of the Horatio

UE-Hissho raid on the pirates

Sophon diplomacy

UE decloration of war on the Amoeba

The Vanguard fails

Amoeba gerrila war

Horatio intelligance operations

UE acadamy raids

Rebellion first victory

The Amoebas final solution

The fall of Antega

UE Civil war intensifies

The Amoeba fire ships

Sophon/Horatio special operations

The Hissho humanitarian conflict

The raid on the Inquery

The Sophon invasion of Nova



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