The United Empire Of Humanity and its sovereign territory’s, also referred to as The Empire and the Terran Empire or more simply the UE, is the main aggressor superpower in the Thousand years war and is the main harbinger of humanity in the cosmos.

The UE is the single most powerful military force in the galaxy, possessing up to 323 fleets spread out across it's vast domain and has even begin the effort of transforming its worlds to a arid and tundra levels in the effort to improve living conditions within it's realm.


The history of formation of the UE and the specific home world of humanity is shrouded in myth and propaganda, most of which is a lie in the purest sense and can be considered to be the dreaming of dictators and fascists, The Pilgrims who also originally sprang from this world have little record of this place as well, leading many of the alien races to suspect that there is a very dark secret at the centre of humanity.

What is clear is however is that the United Empire has stood since before humanity was capable of FTL travel, and that the way it operates hasn't changed in all this time.

Corporate ties and the use of barons and dukes helps keep the empire together in the vastness of space, but even this method of control has it's weaknesses, prove of which is the beginning of the rebellion.